Wednesday, October 31, 2012

In Bura! Chapter 6

Surprise! I would've released this yesterday, but as today is Halloween, I figured the series would fit better released today.

Well, this is something I just kinda lucked into. I was browsing jcafe and noticed a second thread about In Bura, and low and behold, someone had translated the chapter a month and a half ago. So, a big thanks to fluppi for translating this. He was using it as practice, so there are parts that he was unsure of, but it's not as bad a script as one would expect that was used for practice. I had to do a bit of translating of my own where fluppi was unsure though, on some parts to help make it a bit more readable, and on the occasional missed bubble. Some other thanks goes to cmertb and my friend Joey for helping me out on the parts I had issues with. XD

Given that PROzess both dropped this series last month (doesn't seem to like redraws), and he's apparently now retired, I figured I'd at least get this out there. Though I'm still surprised he didn't at least do this chapter before dropping it/retiring. I mean, the dude's got the biggest fetish for swimsuits ever.

I do plan on at least looking into continuing this series on a more permanent basis, but any person or group is more than welcome to release ch6+ with better scans/translation/take over the series. Just wanted to get this out there for the people that were waiting on a chapter that unbeknown to them, was not coming.

The credit page this time uses a drawing of Haqua and Elsie from TWGOK in swimsuits. Since there aren't any color pages of In Bura for me to use, figured I'd just use some other picture, and I just happened to have one of them in swimsuits. Total coincidence.

Anyway, enjoy once again, another hnnng inducing chapter of In Bura! Even if the end of the chapter hurts.

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I have gotten confirmation from Ethan that he will be continuing Seven Sisters! for us. Chapter 5 has been cleaned and redrawn, and is just waiting on the TL. I've asked him if he's interested in translating anything else for us, as we're only 9 chapters behind on SS and aside from 1 chapter that's 22 pages, every other chapter is 8-13 pages long. This brings us up to at minimum, 3 series that we will be doing from the get go.

Now back to finishing Hanamaru Kindergarten for CXC.


  1. Thanks for the release!

    It's a fun series and I hope you or someone else can pick it up on a more permanent basis.

  2. O.o....thanks for the release

    i hope this series won't enter the 'no one is scanlating it' zone ;-;

  3. Thanks for the release

  4. Your release posts are too long.

    1. So don't read it all and just use the links.

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  5. Replies
    1. We are. Already got a translator lined up, and in the process of getting HQ scans for ch6+.

  6. Thank you for continuing In Bura! I look forward to more of your releases.

  7. Do you have a plan to make in bura an animation series..? In bura is the best harem