Saturday, October 13, 2012


It's been a little over 2 months now since our last release, and it won't be much longer until releases start to make their way out.

My life has gotten a lot more stable over the past few weeks, after moving into a new apartment 2 weeks ago, and got internet turned on here today. My job goes on a 2 month or so break starting on the 25th, so once that break comes, I'll be continuing work for Renzokusei on what I can. It's not much at the moment, since I haven't contacted everyone that agreed to work with me, but RZK will be back, at least on a minimal basis at the end of the month.

I said before that whenever RZK came back, I'd be at a level where I could translate. I am at a level where I can translate, it's just not at a level where I am comfortable translating for releases. The 2 month break will give me quite a bit of time to get better, but I haven't a clue when exactly I'll start translating for releases yet.

We'll also be switching to more HQ scans on the series that we can. As I have a job that does pay more than enough for me to be able to buy tanks and the like, so no more really settling for the public scans when I can't obtain HQs like before. We will be using HQ scans where we can, but that won't be right away. As I'd like to get a couple releases out right away, they will be using the scans that we had originally. I'll be ordering tanks for every series that is available that we will be doing, as well as contacting people about buying magazine scans.

I've updated the projects page, but below is the list of series we will be doing upon the group's complete revival. Bolded names are core projects. There are a few other series that we'll be looking into, but until I know for sure we'll be doing them I won't be naming them just yet.

Though, I will say that we are not going to shy away from picking up series that other groups still consider "active". Though there are a few groups I'm not going to do that to, out of pure respect for the group. But I'll post more into detail about that when I update the Requests page.

Choi Hime
Hagure Yuusha no Kichiku Bigaku
Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho
Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu
Oda Nobuna no Yabou
Omae o Otaku ni Shiteyaru kara, Ore o Riajuu ni Shitekure!
Oniichan dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne
Ore to Ichino no Game Doukoukai Katsudou Nisshi
Puchi Houndo
Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo
Seven Sisters
Sexual Hunter Riot
Sora no Manimani
Tonari no Kashiwagi-san


  1. From your words, it sounds like you're implying the currently active series listed here are being done by groups whom you don't respect. Taking these active projects might breed resentment.

    For example, Sexual Hunter Riot was initially released by Orinjido and Roankun. They released the first chapter, and it is still considered to be an active project. Why would you go out of your way to take it? Orinjido and Roankun will most likely not stand for it.

    You are destroying the founding idea of RZK by doing this. This group was created to continue those series which have been dropped, not take. I do not see your reasoning behind your actions, except perhaps excessive pride.

    I implore you to please stop pursuing the active projects. There is no reason to waste resources doing the same project as somebody else. However, if you do continue with these actions, then let me forewarn you that you will not only continue to damage your reputation, but also destroy potential relationships with other groups as well.

    1. heh. fuck with "founding ideas". the main idea of Derek is - "I am the GOD of scanlation. my WISH is the GODLY ONE. I take what I WANT and everyone can go to hell with their works and groups".
      therefore, anonymous-kun, you just spoke to the GOD. do you expect some understanding or consideration from GOD? you just can go to hell with your implores and reasonings.
      the only one thing you can do is ban ban and ban in every possible ways.

    2. Actually, Renzokusei was the first to pick up SHR...(I proposed it...) Chapter one is actually done, all that's left is to release it. Then came the incident...

      But yeah, better cross out some of them... Why not start picking up new series? I think RZK fulfilled their purpose... Plus, some of the series on the list are not worth to scanlating...

      Just sayin~~

    3. No, I'm merely taking back the series that we were doing.

      Notice the quotation marks around active in the post. That was a jab at groups that consider series active, yet have not released much less worked on said series for quite some time. There were several series that we were going to do a while back that we didn't because we were afraid of stepping on a few toes, because a group considered the series "active". Even though they would even tell us directly they hadn't touched said series for quite some time.

      I'm not going to just up and take a series that is being actively worked on and released. I'm not destroying anything. We will still be doing the same exact thing we were before; continuing series that are in scanlation hell. That includes what I'm talking about above.

      Sexual Hunter Riot was a series, as said by kobe, being done originally by us. Chapter 1 was ready for release by us, it just never got out there. roankun told us when we first started on it that he was only doing it as a request, and if anyone else were to take it up, then he would stop.

      I haven't done a thing without considering it's consequences since I got into the scanlation world, and I'm not now.

    4. 2 kobester11 - one thing you are wrong. The whole chap 1 was done and released from tankoubon entirely by orinjido. The only thing remained from renzokusei is initial translation by roankun, which were anyway NOT renzokusei's property. Therefore - what the fuck with "chapter one is actually done"? Tou forgot that Derek didn't pay a cent for sources. All what he work with were borrowed sources. There's no way orinjido let him uses their tankoubon scans.

    5. Chapter 1 had been translated by roankun for Renzokusei. It was completed and handed to us. kobester11 himself cleaned and redrew all of chapter 1, and I finished the typeset and QC. I just never got around to releasing it because I was doing over time work on Otaku at the time.

      I wasn't going to ask for their tank scans, because I have no need for them, when I'm just going to buy them myself.

    6. Hello there o/
      Just thought I'd say that YES: roankun had originally translated the series for you. But then you didn't release it, and weren't going to release it anytime soon because of... stuff.

      So roankun came to us. Didn't want to waste his hard work and all. We did the first chapter from scratch, from the cleans, RD, proofreading, and typesetting.
      And we CONTINUE THIS as fast as roankun can give us chapters. We just released chapter 3 less than an hour ago from me writing this comment. We already have a source to get HQ mag raws after we are finished with this tank.

      So do re-think "taking up" SHR as it is indeed ACTIVE, not "active".

  2. @Anon - Just stop, you didn't know shit of what really happened. Stop pretending you know anything...

    1. sorry i didn't want to hurt you. but i know shit.

    2. I'd like to hear your version of the story...

    3. My version of the story - is totally the same as Daktyl198 described, since I was in shr.

    4. Then you're wrong, please don't talk anymore... You're pushing it...

    5. oh i see you have some grudges against orinjido. ok.

    6. Hmmm. not really... They did what they have to do,and I'm okay with that.
      Heck, I'm even following SHR... Plus, we're goin off topic...

  3. Hey derek, your hate buddy Cresent here.
    I heard you're trying to steal SHR back from us?
    Mate you didn't release anything for it therefore it's not yours.
    2nd roan is now helping us with shr.

    so suck it faggot.

  4. And here it goes again...
    Let the drama begin...

    Although i would be surprised if derek actually manages to release something in a timely manner this time.

  5. >I said before that whenever RZK came back, I'd be at a level where I could translate. I am at a level where I can translate, it's just not at a level where I am comfortable translating for releases.
    >Implying you can learn enough Moon for this in such a short amount of time without being a NEET
    Anta just went full baka.

    1. I've been learning Japanese for over a year now.

    2. actually think that's enough?

    3. To translate at an expert level? No. But considering the amount of time I spent on learning it for a good portion of that year, and the amount of time I'll be spending on it, it'll be better than the average translator, anyway.

    4. >it'll be better than the average translator

  6. The derek thing is like sooooo 4 months ago... Go do what you want derek!!
    Secsual hunter riot isnt that good anyway dont pick that up! If you need help i will gladly help you...

    its funny that villege idiot dropped it due to not enough, its when they think they can get the series your doing but ended up dropping some hehe

  7. Welcome back to the business, Derek.
    I hope you can provide the series that deserve some love, although no flaming please.
    Glad to see you back in action, work hard!

    1. RZK will do the same we were before. Only at a steadier pace now that I'm not constantly homeless/moving.

  8. as a leecher
    i only ask these 3 series revival:

    ichino: (79d ago)
    7 sister: (185d ago)
    puchi houndo: (719d ago)

    about anything else (dorama & blah3): i don't care at all /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

  9. I can help as Typesetter for perowan!

    1. I have no idea what's going on with Perowan. ScansRemix hasn't been active for well over a month. I've sent an email to them about it, but if I get no response and they remain inactive I'll probably just continue the series through RZK.

  10. nice. derek is back. the dude's pure M

  11. Let's back to scanlating business, dude :D