Sunday, November 18, 2012

In Bura! Chapter 7

After too many delays on the chapter, it's finally been completed, so here's chapter 7. The editing was done a while ago sans redraws, it was largely the translation that kept it from being released. The script went through a few hands and several alterations. There was the original script, then a slightly altered script after a skim PR. Then roankun TL checked it, and Kiss full PRed it. Finally I full PRed it. I used a combination of the last 3 scripts for the release.

Big thanks to roankun and Kiss for helping out. Chapter 8's translation is done, but it will likely find itself in other's hands as well given how this chapter's script needed that much work. We will be getting HQ scans for chapters 6+ for In Bura, so v2s will be released when we get them.

Enjoy the chapter!

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Nogizaka Haruka 17 or Sexual Hunter Riot 7 is up next. roankun will be translating the final 4 chapters of Pajama na Kanojo for us. He will be starting sometime this week. At the moment though, it appears as though we will be using very LQ public scans for the releases, as the person with the tank scans has been largely unresponsive.

Also, we have another pick up announcement! We are picking up the series Meteor-san Strike desu!, and will be finishing up the final chapters of the series. Eru13 translated chapters 8 and 9 a while back, but Ctrl Alt Elite died out, and never released them. He's allowing us to use those two scripts, and he has agreed to finish translating the last few chapters. Expect the first release later this week. We are also trying to pick up a third series, but until I have confirmation that we will be doing it, not going to post what series it is.


  1. Thanks for the chapter!

  2. Thanks for the release. I was looking forward to this chapter because I thought they'd pick up from where they left off in chapter 6. I was hoping for more Ran action in this chapter but I can't argue with a princess being introduced.

    1. Thank you for the heads up! I shall attempt to wait patiently for the next chapter of In Bura.

      I'm also looking forward to more SHR and I'm glad you're working on Nogizaka. I loved the anime and will definitely read the manga once it's complete.

  3. thanks for in bura
    how many chapter left until meteor completed?

    1. Technically, there are 4 chapters remaining, chapters 8-11. There is a special/extra chapter following 11 that's the same length as the actual chapters, then a 4koma at the end of the volume.