Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Meteor-san Strike desu! Chapter 9

Second release of the day! Been a while since we've done that. It's also our second release of Meteor-san. Just 3 chapters left until its conclusion. Chapter 10 is already translated, and is currently being cleaned. Will be out next week some time. It is my birthday tomorrow, so there will be no work progress done tomorrow. Might release something in the morning before I go out, but that'll be the extent of it.

This is the first release for another new member of ours, skribbles! \o/

Enjoy the chapter!

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Here's 1 page from Kashiwagi 39 and 1 page from In Bura 8 as somewhat of teasers. They're not typeset yet, but the pictures tell more than enough.

Kashiwagi | In Bura 

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