Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pajama na Kanojo. Chapter 23

Here is the first of the last 4 chapters for Pajama na Kanojo! I never really expected to get any of these out there, as we weren't going to be able to get even MQ scans for the last chapters, but Kiss volunteered to clean the share raws for me. Big thanks to him for doing most of the cleaning, and roankun for agreeing to do the last chapters. I plan on releasing v2s along the road somewhere with HQ scans, but for now we're stuck with the share raws. So these are more for reading than archiving.

This is the first release for a new member of ours, Locklear001. \o/

Enjoy the chapter!

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In lieu of adding a paragraph at the end of each release post, I've added a schedule gadget to the site, borrowing the idea from CXC. The gadget will only list chapters that I have both usable scans and a translation for, knowing that I'll be able to release it. That is why several things are missing from there that have other work on them done, but lack usable scans or a translation.

I am happy to announce that after over a year since the last release, and several months since we first announced that we plan on doing it, that we will finally be continuing, and eventually finishing the series Harvest December. We have a translator who will be doing it for us. Chapter 3 is already cleaned, just awaits the TL.


  1. Thank you very much for picking up the series...

  2. thanks, i am happy to see this series to be translated further

  3. i read chapter 26 ? and it is end ? any pajama again