Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sexual Hunter Riot Chapter 5

Can't say I expected to release chapter 5 before our release of chapter 1. I already announced a while back I'd be continuing this series with RZK, and since Orinjido wishes to not lose their joint on Heroine with VI, a joint with us is just not possible at the moment, unfortunately.

I guess this is going to be somewhat of a trade off. I'll be using the LQ public scans for the time being, and Orinjido will be using HQ private scans, so RZK's releases are essentially going to be there for speed, and Orinjido's for the better quality scans. So, if you're looking for an archival release, look forward to theirs.

Anyway, enjoy the chapter! This series really takes panty shots to a whole new level. Must be Aito Yuuki's other work.

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Chapter 1's release was delayed because Zom-B wants me to release chapter 1's B/W pages with the tank scans of his, so I've gotta redo all that. In Bura 7 is all clean, just needs some redraws and then typeset and it's done, will be out Sat or Sun. Nogizaka Haruka 17 is about half clean and with all redraws done, so that will be out Sat or Sun as well. Awaiting the TLs on Kimi wa Midara 3 and Seven Sisters 5 before I can typeset those.


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