Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sexual Hunter Riot Chapter 6

And here's chapter 6! I wasn't expecting to get this out so quickly, but roankun posted his TL right after we released chapter 5, so yeah. Don't know how fast his TLs will be now, since he said his vacation ended on the 11th. Regardless of that, I'm cleaning chapters 7-10 together, as well as having the redraws completed, that way I can just typeset them once the TL is done.

It seems Orinjido has dropped SHR. Actually disappoints me a little bit, but we've talked and we're on good terms, so hoping that in the future we'll be able to work something out on SHR or some other series. As they are not doing it, there won't be any HQ releases for ch5+ for the time being. I decided against buying back issues of Shounen Sirius for a few reasons, including that at the time I was under the assumption they would be continuing it with 10th Mystery's scans. So, unless someone comes to me with volume 2 or HQ magazine scans, or some other group picks it up with HQ scans, until I am able to purchase them myself, we're unfortunately stuck with the LQ scans.

Enjoy the chapter.

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In Bura 7 or Nogizaka Haruka 17 are up next. My plan was to get them out one of the past 2 days, but I was out almost all day yesterday and I didn't get enough work on them completed on Sunday. Gotta do a bit of TLing on both of them, so might not be out for a bit.

Also, we are picking up Pajama na Kanojo to finish the final 4 chapters of the series. We've got both HQ tank scans and a translator lined up. Should have the first release out next week.


  1. Thank you for all your hard work. I love everything you're working on. The ones I'm looking forward to most right now are In Bura and SHR.

  2. WOW!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH for picking up Pajama na Kanojo! I'm really looking forward to reading this series. And Thank You also for the SHR releases!!