Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sexual Hunter Riot Chapter 7

Here's chapter 7 of SHR! Actually finished this on the 21st, but completely forgot to send it to roankun for his final QC. Totally my fault. Wouldn't have been released until last night at the earliest anyway, though. Was gone most of Thanksgiving and yesterday.

Thanks to kobster for doing the join page. This still uses the original credit page, as I won't be making the new one until the new logo is completed. Not that people really care about a credit page. c:

Enjoy the chapter!

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Next will be Nogizaka Haruka 17, Pajama 23, Meteor-san 9, or Hagure Yuusha 3. Can't say for sure at the moment since they've all got a similar amount of work done on them. There won't be any work done on the 29th, as that's my birthday.

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