Thursday, December 13, 2012

December 2012 Projects Update

I like doing updates, or something. Anyway this is a projects status update. Everything can be found after the jump.

Like the last one, the series are listed in alphabetical order. The beginning of the post will also include a bit of a list on series I've checked up on that were suggested to me.

Possible Future Projects
Btooom! - This one is probably the series I've looked into the most. It's a fairly popular series, and I've gotten several requests and suggestions to continue it. As far as I can tell, no other group is really intending to pick it up, because it's licensed. While that doesn't really scare me away from doing a series, the series is Seinen, and finding a decent translator for a Seinen series is harder than finding one for a Shounen. So unless someone was to come to me, it likely won't be continued here.

Nozomi to Kimio - I've gotten a few suggestions to continue this. And luckily enough for most, this is another series I've looked pretty heavily into continuing. It is however, unlike Btooom, a series we are very likely to pick up and continue. The first volume of the series is currently released, and it contains the first 9 chapters. If volume 2 comes out after my job starts back up again next year, I'll probably purchase the both of them and grab a translator to do the two volumes. I will not be subscribing to the magazine for magazine scans, as that's just too much money for what I'm willing to spend purely out of pocket.

Yumekuri - This is another series I've looked at quite a bit. I did the typesetting for chapter 2 for SimpleScans, the last scanlated release. Before that I had never read the series, but after doing chapter 2, I just found that I really, really liked it. It also got an anime OVA that was released at the end of last month. I already know if I were to go to Simple about it, I'd basically be told to go ahead with whatever I wanted to do, so if I ever happen to find a translator willing to continue it, I'll grab it.

Enchanter - This series is the most requested series we've had to continue. I've had 29 people request the series, several coming to me directly over IRC or messaging me on some forum about it. I've looked into doing it a bit, but never really, really pursued doing it. This is a series we will likely end up continuing at some point though.

Metal Heart - I just got my first and only suggestion for this series earlier today. I did look into it, and was about to list it as planned, until I downloaded the available public scans and found that they were all scans of non-debinded tanks. Which is just... no. I've also talked to iMangaScans about the series, and I'm hoping that we'll be able to work something out regarding the series, as they currently have the tanks for the rest of the series, despite them having almost no work done on it. Probably not going to happen though.

Pinku de Pinku - This series only has like 2 or 3 chapters left. It only got 1 volume, which isn't surprising given its material. I read the scanlated chapters for this series some time ago, but completely forgot about it until it was requested. I'd probably grab it right away if it had Furigana, but it does not unfortunately. Though I'm probably still going to ask around about it a bit, given how close it is to completion.

Mayo Chiki - I'm actually really interested in doing this. I watched the anime and considerably enjoyed it. I am probably going to contact simhauu about working something out on the series.

High School of the Dead - As much as I would absolutely love to work on this series. Not only is it currently on a ridiculously long hiatus, but the moment news just breaks that its coming back, I imagine several scanlators might rush to get people setup to start doing it. Plus Scans of the Dead (the guy who posts Dragon Age info every month) is probably going to be doing it.

Zetsurin! - This is one of the most ridiculous plots for a manga I've ever seen. It's basically about a guy whose penis turns into a gun, and he has to fight bad guys with it. And the only way to shoot it is to have this magical girl rub it while naked and shoot out something called "holy white water." This is a straight to tankobon series. Should usable public scans for the series ever pop up, or if someone willing to translate it comes to me (I'll buy the tank), we'll do the series. It's just too ridiculous not to do.

Ongoing & Planned Projects

Unfortunately, I have no update regarding the series. We still lack both a translator willing to finish it, and volume 4 scans for it. I'll probably have to end up buying the tank next year, but not until I know I have a translator to finish it.

Choi Hime
roankun agreed to continue and finish out this series, but unfortunately, we still lack usable raws for the rest of the series. I'm probably going to have to just end up buying the tank myself early next year too.

Goshuushousama Ninomiya-kun
This is one of a few series that roankun and I have picked as series we're going to start with the intention of completing. We seem to share similar ideals in that we wish to pick up dropped manga, and complete them. When exactly it will start is unknown, but it should not take very long. This is a series based off of a light novel, that got an anime adaptation several years ago. The manga is complete at 4 volumes, 17 chapters. Only the first chapter has been scanlated, so we will be doing the last 16.

H20 - Footprints in the Sand
This is another one of those series, and it's one roan came to me about doing. This is a manga based off of a Visual Novel that got an anime adaptation several years ago. The manga is complete at 2 volumes. The first 4 chapters have been scanlated, we will be doing the rest.

Hagure Yuusha no Kichiku Bigaku
With chapter 3 being released by us finally, 4's editing is going to be focused on now. It was already cleaned some time back, so I just need to finish, or attempt the redraws, as this series just loves the big giant text plastered over half the page.

Harvest December
Chapter 4 is translated. It is also all cleaned. The chapter has no redraws again (woot \o/), so it just needs to be typeset. Typesetting for it will start on Sunday, or whenever the final 2 chapters of Pajama and Meteor are released.

Houkago Wind Orchestra
This is another one of the series roankun and I will be working together on to finish. The series is complete at 4 volumes, and 17 chapters. The first 5 chapters have already been scanlated, so we will be doing the final 12.

As announced previously, we are picking this up together with ViTransHK. They previously did the first two chapters, but recently announced that they would drop it because of how long it takes to edit the series. So I went to them about doing the editing, so they will be continuing the TL. Unfortunately though, both the public Japanese and Chinese scans for the series do not go past volume 1. So once we finish that, which is only 2 more chapters, the series will essentially be stalled until we can find Chinese scans and/or get volume 2+ Japanese scans plus a new translator.

In Bura!
Chapter 9's still being translated. It's largely cleaned and redrawn. Haven't really made it a priority to finish the cleaning yet, but there are only a few pages left anyway. Chapter 6 and 7's v2s are still in progress.

Juukinzoku Kanojo 
This is a series I've been pushing to be picked up by us for quite some time now. I first found it during the Summer some time, but despite my best efforts in continuous searching for available scans for the series, I was never able to find any. We now have volume 1 HQ tank scans, and will be getting the last two volumes for it as well. The first volume has 2 chapters and 2 special chapters in it not already scanlated.

Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho
As much as it pains me to do so, I won't be pursuing continuing Kitsune no Akuma through RZK. While I'm still considerably irked that I was flat out denied the chance at working on it by Izi, despite the project leader basically fighting for me to do so, and I would be able to both obtain HQ scans and a translator for the series, I just don't really wish to piss off schthaxe in doing so. The guy is the entire reason that the scanlation for it was able to start in the first place, and I do like him personally. Though should they drop it or be unable to continue it, we will grab it again.

Kimi wa Midara na Boku no Joou
Chapter 3 was just released. Please do not start asking when chapter 4 is coming now. I can not count the amount of people who bugged me and asked when chapter 3 was coming. I get it, a lot of people like the series, but it can get considerably annoying being constantly bugged on when something is coming out. The projects status table is there for a reason. It is updated constantly. Even while the work is being done.

Meteor-san Strike desu!
The final two chapters of this series should be out this weekend. Now that RealPG 11 has been released, I've focused my attention to completing chapter 11 of Meteor. Chapter 12 is being typeset by skribbles. At the very least chapter 11 will be out this weekend. 12's release depends on when skribbles is able to complete it, but I'm hoping to get it out through a double release with 11, or shortly after.

Mondaijitachi ga Isekai kara Kuru sou desu yo?
This is a new manga that we're picking up. Eru13, the translator for all of Meteor-san has agreed to do some chapters of the series for us. He will be starting on it after we finish Meteor. It is getting an anime adaptation, which will be airing in the next season, starting in January. It is based off of a Light Novel.

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu
As said in a comment on one of our release posts, chapter 17 is currently being TLCed. It's all clean, redrawn, and typeset. Just needs a final pass on the script for release. roankun will be finishing out the final 6 chapters of the series as well.

Omae o Otaku ni Shiteyaru kara, Ore o Riajuu ni Shitekure!
Like Kitsune no Akuma before, we are leaving this series to iMangaScans from now on. Though should they drop it or be unable to continue it, we will grab it again.

Oniichan dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne
We will indeed be continuing this series. I've had a few questions about it, but fluppi, the person translating In Bura for us, has agreed to translate this as well. I do not know when exactly we will see chapter 3+ released, but more chapters will be coming from us. Should be able to catch up to the latest chapter fairly decently.

Ore to Ichino no Game Doukoukai Katsudou Nisshi
Nothing new to update on Ore to Ichino since the last update. Have HQ scan provider, lack TL. I've also been a little hesitant when it comes to finding a TL for this, as chapter 2 has a rather ridiculous 2 page spread, where it's basically a giant speech bubble with a ton of text on it, some of it covered by smaller speech bubbles by the MC, and the text in the giant bubble has no furigana. So, yeah.

Pajama na Kanojo
The final two chapters of this series will also find their way out this weekend. They are both currently being cleaned, with only 12 pages total left between the two of them. As they are short chapters, it won't take too long to TS them. It's the redraws that will present some troubles. Chapter 26 may be released on Sunday, instead of Saturday, depending on just how long it takes to finish the redraws.

Perowan! - Hayaku Shinasai! Goshujinsama
This is yet another series that roan's agreed to continue and finish out for us. Chapter 8's just been released. 9 is currently being cleaned and redrawn.

Puchi Houndo
Nothing new on Puchi Houndo either. Seems people just aren't very interested in the manga, aside from readers.

We just released chapter 11. Past that, I can not say for sure when new chapters will be coming out from us. We do have a translator lined up for the series, but they will not be available regularly until later in the month, and chapter 11 was somewhat rushed out because of U-Prod's release. At the moment, about the only thing that's set in stone regarding this series is that it's going to be continued.

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo
As said previously, we are picking this series back up. Absolutely nothing against fotc, but he told me when he first applied to do the manga for us months ago that he'd be able to do 1 script a month, at best. I don't know how many shows he's doing this season, but I do know of at least 2, which will obviously take up a bit of time. I just don't think that he'll really be able to get chapters out at a decent rate. We will be picking this up thanks to ViTransHK. Also seems some unfortunate groups are going to be using the Spanish group Tozai's translations and translate them into English. I shudder thinking at what the scripts are going to look like.

Seven Sisters!
I'm not really sure what's up with SS. Ethan contacted me saying he'd give me ch5's script a couple weeks back, but didn't and has seemingly disappeared again. He did say he's going to have a lot more time to translate mid/late December, so I should hear from him again soon.

Sexual Hunter Riot
It is very likely that chapter 8 of SHR was roan's last time doing the series now. So chances are, unfortunately, that we will have to wait a couple weeks to get chapter 9 and 10 out. Was really hoping to get those two done though, as they're really, really awesome.

Sora no Manimani
This is another series with unfortunately, no news on. The biggest problem finding a translator for the series is that it's got no Furigana. I want to finish this series so badly that I'm actually shopping it around to other groups to see if they're interested in doing it with or without my help. No luck, yet.

Tonari no Kashiwagi-san
Chapter 39 by us just kinda stalled out. I bought the magazine under the assumption at the time I would have a translator for it. I know I got the scans for the series quite a while before VI did, so I figured I'd be able to get it out there pretty quickly. Unfortunately I made a rather large derp, not finding out until a week after I got the scans that the translator I asked was a Chinese translator, not Japanese.

We're doing a whole lot better now when it comes to the status of series. roan is TLing a lot of shit for us, he's awesome. Go thank him.


  1. Banzai!!
    I vote for Mayo Chiki..
    I hope you continue this series

    1. +1 for Mayo Chiki and Houkago Wind Orchestra
      been a real long time since I last read HWO, was fun

  2. >some unfortunate groups are going to be using the Spanish group Tozai's translations
    I wonder who that bastard is?

    Thanks for picking houkago wind orchestra! that's a quite old series. And I loved it!

    1. Haha. I wasn't just referring to you. When I emailed them, they said they had several groups contact them about using their TLs.

  3. Dude, you have like what 3 translators?
    And as you said Roan isn't even comfortable with seinen (non-furigana).
    How the fuck is this going to work out?

    And yeah, sure go ahead and take Yumekuri.

    1. Not counting you, I am working with 6 translators at the moment. In the process of getting in contact with a 7th. I also know a K>E TLer, if I can find a manwha.

      And yeah, roan's not too fond of doing a seinen series, but he can do them. Though I don't have any intention going to him with any. Only reason he's doing two now is because he volunteered to.

    2. And none of them are doing a decent job :)

  4. thats a lot of projects.....good luck with them. i hope none of them will get dropped.