Monday, December 10, 2012

Hagure Yuusha no Kichiku Bigaku Chapter 3

Took a bit longer than I really would've liked, but here's chapter 3 of Hagure Yuusha! Part of the delay was because I was debating on whether to use the redraws I did for the join and the page before. Ultimately I did not use them, as I'm not a redrawer, so if I can't get a good result out of a redraw, I'm just going to leave the Japanese text.

Anyway, we will not be dropping the series. Though our releases will probably continue to be a bit slower than AFS', as Kurosagi is relatively busy, so he doesn't have a lot of time for translating.

Enjoy the chapter!

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Kimi wa Midara will probably be next. Pajama 25/26 being cleaned, and Meteor 11/12 being typeset. Both the second and the third (final) volume of Perowan arrived today. Volume 2 has been scanned and I'm downloading it in its entirety right now (1.4gb). So the cleaning for that will start tomorrow. No idea when exactly it will be released, but since ScansRemix will be doing the typesetting this time around, it shouldn't be too long. Also, as a final confirmation, the last chapter in the series is 18. I was guessing that it was 17, but wasn't really sure.

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