Monday, December 10, 2012

Meteor-san Strike desu! Chapter 10

Here's Meteor 10! We've only released 3 chapters of this so far, but I'm rather glad I was able to work on the series. Most people wouldn't think of it as a great manga, but I'm really enjoying the series. Chapter 11 and 12 are being simultaneously typeset. I'm doing 11 myself, and skribbles is doing 12.

Enjoy the chapter! Only two to go!

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It'd appear I'm getting sick, as I actually did throw up pretty early last night, so I ran out of time on getting Meteor/Hagure completed. Not sure how much it'll affect the releases, but it shouldn't too much unless it gets to the point I have to go to a doctor.

Hagure in a couple hours. Going out to the store.

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