Sunday, December 16, 2012

Meteor-san Strike desu! Final Chapter

And here we have it, the final chapter of Meteor-san Strike desu! Our first completed series, as well! In lieu of some long post because we've finished the series, I'm attaching a page from the release. A similar table will also be on the project page. We will be doing this for every series we complete.

Enjoy the chapter!

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Also, for those who have not already noticed, I've added a list of releases for December 25th onto the schedule gadget. I'm planning a big release day for Christmas. As per usual, everything we are working on will be listed and updated on the project status table on the projects page. More will likely be listed, but I've yet to hear back from Ethan. At the moment, the only things listed are chapters I know will be released, but it's possible more chapters of series already up there will be put up.


  1. all i can say, thank you so much!!

    this series is really funny but also has good story in it. the ending is beautiful. thank you again for your hard work!!

  2. Thanks guys!

    Keep it up with the good work! I will be looking forward to the chapters of Christmas day.

  3. Meteor-san banzai!, jaja thank for your all for complet this manga.
    Happy hollyday and happy new year.

  4. i guess its not worth it to include my name there... I mean I only did one page ^^;;

  5. Thanks for completing it
    as you said, the ending is quite good (and as predicted the problem is not end there given the lack of volume)
    but, until the very end, i don't know if hiro lies or not 10 years ago.
    hiro said it's a lie, but meteor said it's real.

    but i can't ask for more since it's finished afterall.

    again, thanks for the releases
    merry Christmas and happy new year

  6. Thanks so much for completing this series and for picking up Nozomi to Kimio.