Friday, December 28, 2012

Nozomi to Kimio Chapter 8

To start off day 5, we've got a brand new series in Nozomi to Kimio! Originally wanted to get this out a couple days ago, but I completely forgot I had to burn and mask most of the pages, which takes quite a while.

We are picking this up as a permanent project. However, it will likely be a little bit until we are able to get chapter 9+ out. Currently, there are no public scans available for the series past ch8. There's only 1 volume out for the series right now, and the last chapter in that volume is 9. We will be buying that volume for ch9 and whatever extras it has, as well as volume 2 when it comes out. But volume 2 hasn't been announced yet so there's really no telling when it's going to come. Whenever it does though, we're likely to buy the volume as well as buying back issues and subscribing to new issues of the magazine so we can catch up on it.

Enjoy the releases, and Happy Holidays!

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I'm beginning to wonder if people are thanking the Perowan 12 post because of it being released, or because I posted a picture that said "Man fuck Derek"...
Now I'm wondering this even more.  


  1. Based Renzokusei, thanks a lot.

  2. That is awesome. Thanks for the great present!

  3. Thank you so much for picking this series up. I realize it will be a while before the next chapter is released, but just knowing that there's a group that wants to work on it makes me feel better.

  4. I'd like an explaination why my raws were used for nozokimi 8 and I'm not credited (credited ER instead)