Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Perowan! Chapter 8

It's been some time since our last release of the series, but here is finally the first release in the re-continuation of the series! Rather coincidentally, both ScansRemix coming back and roankun agreeing to finish out the series happened at the same time, so this is a 3 way joint. roankun is obviously the translator, and as per usual, the QCer. I am doing the cleaning (and PR for future chapters), and jH from ScansRemix will be doing redraws with me and doing the typeset.

The series has ended its serialization at chapter 18. We have both volume 2 and 3, and will be using HQ scans from them, thanks to ER. jH is listed as RP on there as well, because he paid for the tanks. Just like I'm listed for In Bura RP because I paid for them.

This is a joint project with ScansRemix and roankun.

Enjoy the chapter!

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Kimi wa Midara 3 later tonight, just got a few pages left and it's done. Was originally going to be out before Perowan, but roan came on fairly early and QCed it. Harvest December 4 has been translated. I'm currently slating it for release next week, but it's entirely possible it may find its way out late this week, if we manage to get the last two chapters of Pajama and Meteor done early enough.

We are repicking up the manga adaptation of Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo. This is thanks to VisTransHK. Work on it will start after we finish volume 1 of Hyouka.

I've reuploaded all of our releases of Sexual Hunter Riot to Dropbox. For some reason, Mediafire blocked only the releases of SHR from my account. I don't quite get it, but hopefully nothing else will get blocked, because I'd rather not have to find another file sharing site to go to. You can find the links in their original posts, or on the project page.


  1. Thanks for bringing this project back!

    Also, do you have an update on Nogizaka Haruka? You had been talking for a while about releasing a new chapter, but it seems to have kind of fallen by the wayside and there hasn't been any updates for it recently.

    Thanks again!

    1. I gave the script to roankun for a TLC. When he went to do it, he found that there was no Furigana for the manga. I wasn't aware of that either, and he's not too fond of it, so he's kinda procrastinated doing it so far. Once his exams finish, if he hasn't done it by then, we'll have it out then. 17 will be out sometime this month, but when I can't really say.

    2. Okay, thank-you for the update. I'm just glad someone is attempting to work on it as it's one of those series that's just seemed to have fallen by the wayside.

  2. Thanks I love this series

  3. regarding Mediafire... apparently is blocking files if there's a word "sex" in the filename -_-

  4. Thanks for the chapter!