Saturday, December 8, 2012

Sexual Hunter Riot Chapter 8

Here's chapter 8 of SHR! The cleaning of this took a little bit of a backseat for most of the week due to Meteor/Pajama. I had half of it done on Monday but focused on those two for most of the week. Really can't wait until I get volume 2 and HQ magazine scans for the series.

This'll probably be the last chapter of the series using translations by roankun. But do not know for sure yet. Either way, very big thanks to him. If not for him, this series would likely still not even have chapter one out yet. Be sure to thank him as well!

Also, I've had a couple people come to me about a missed bubble in our releases of SHR. So that hopefully no one else asks; there aren't any bubbles that are missed. For some reason this series like to join bubbles together a lot, and as the bubbles are made for Japanese, not English, when trying to typeset, it becomes problematic when trying to use both of them. So instead, the two lines are put together in one bubble and the smaller one is left empty.

Enjoy the chapter!

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New project announcement! We will be picking up the manga adaptation of the series Hyouka. The translations will continue to be done by VisTransHK, so big thanks to him. The anime is a favorite of mine, so I jumped at doing this the moment I could.

Pajama 24 just has a couple redraws left and pages to TS, but roan's gone to bed, so his final QC will have to wait until he wakes up tomorrow morning where he lives. So do not know when that will come. Hagure 3 will be released later today. I don't know about Meteor 10, as I haven't been in contact with the typesetter who I gave the first half to, but the second half is done, so if I don't see her tonight I'll just do it myself and release it.

Kimi wa Midara 3 has been translated, so that will be out this upcoming week. The final chapter of Meteor has also been translated. The final two chapters of both Pajama and Meteor will be out this week. Perowan 8 has been translated, but I do not know for sure when the chapter will be released, as I am awaiting volume 2 to arrive and get scanned by ER. As I'm sure 10th Mystery probably doesn't want me using his scans anymore, and I'd rather go with tank scans on stuff now.

Because of these translations being done I've pushed back the low priority stuff again (In Bura v2s, SHR ch1) for the time being.

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