Sunday, December 9, 2012


Just a bit of an update here. Hagure 3, Meteor 10, and Pajama 24 didn't find their way out yesterday simply put because yesterday my sleeping habits seem to have caught up to me, so after being awake near 20 hours again, after sleeping for less than 6, I was on the verge of throwing up and took that as a sign I needed to lay down. Fear not, as all 3 of them are essentially complete and will be out today.

Pajama 24 just has 4 redraws left. It has been completely typeset, and has received roan's QC. So once redraws are done, it's coming out.
Meteor 10 is complete through and through. I just have to QC the first half.
Hagure 3 has 5 pages left for typeset.

Updates on other stuff coming out in the next week or so:
Kimi wa Midara 3 is half typeset. All redraws are done sans a few of the harder ones, which will be done as I get to the page for typeset.
Meteor 11 and 12 are both completely clean. I will be doing chapter 11, and skribbles will be doing chapter 12 at the same time, so they'll both be out this week.
Pajama 25 and 26 are both translated. Neither of them are clean, but given their small size it won't take very long to do so.
Perowan 8 has been translated. Though as said, we are waiting for the tank scans before proceeding.


  1. So much for "Midara is all clean and will be released the day I get the TL".

    1. To quote myself exactly: "Chapter 3 is clean and redrawn. It's just a matter of whenever kuma has the time to do the translation. Likely the day it's given to me, the chapter will be released. Until then, just be patient."

      As much as I like the series, I'm not going to up and drop everything else I was working on at the same time to complete it.

    2. Then don't say you will.
      I don't care what you do.
      But I hate it when people claim bullshit.