Saturday, March 23, 2013

Hatoko-san to Rabukome Chapter 0

New manga! This manga is based off of a light novel. Yui Daisuke (Perowan!) is doing the art for it, while Suzuki Daisuke (Onii Ai, Ninomiya-kun) is the author. I asked roan to do this one for us once we got the last chapter of Perowan out, given that Yui Daisuke is doing it. It's a relatively new serialization, as the latest chapter in the series is 2, so hopefully it won't take very long to catch up on it.

I'm probably going to feed my OCD at some point, and buy the tanks to release v2s. Is it necessary? Not at all. But I hate using web raws on series (no screentones), especially since chapter 2 is a whopping 1,024px height (and future chapters probably will be too). I also hate releasing anything under 1,400px height.

This is a joint project with roankun.

Enjoy the release!

Mediafire | IRC: !hatokosan0 | Read Online

Being the awesome guy roankun is, roan has agreed to translate Hentai Ouji 18, Ore to Ichino 4, and Onii Ai 8-10 in lieu of unc's absence. This after he handed me the scripts for the final 5 chapters of Seigi Nara.


  1. Thanks for the chapter =)

  2. Have no idea what this story is about (can't find a summary), but since I like the author and artist from their other work it's worth a shot. ;)

    Thanks for the release!

  3. What an eye opening series.

    I am just going to take a minute to absorb that last page.
    "Childhood friend, Sister, Cousin, and Bride candidate."
    "The Strongest heroine."

    My brain is crushed.