Monday, March 25, 2013

Sexual Hunter Riot Chapter 10

This was supposed to be out some time ago, but it got pushed by the wayside alongside my job taking precedence. Though it's finally made its way out. We'll also finally be switching to HQ scans for this series starting at chapter 13, and we'll be doing v2s of all of the chapters we've released so far once vol3 comes out.

Normally, I wouldn't be releasing during the week, but work finished pretty early today, so I had time to finish QCing SHR.

Once again giving a shoutout to ColorMeSubbed, the Drama CD for SHR was subbed by them. Click here. The only reason I even know that is because they linked to us. c:

This is one of several series that has its current status in limbo, due to unc's absence. So, if there's any translator out there interested in doing it, just toss us an email.

Enjoy the release!

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Mayo Chiki 25 is ready for release, but I keep missing simhauu, so I really can't say when it'll be released. I want to say this upcoming weekend, but that really depends on if I'm able to catch her. Though I may just ask to release it without her if we end up missing each other for too long.

Also, for those that haven't already noticed, whenever a chapter disappears from the project status table and the upcoming releases gadget, that means it is going to be released really soon. I only do that as I'm about to release something, or if I'm in the process of QCing it and I'll be done rather soon afterwards.

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