Monday, April 1, 2013

No Game No Life Game 02

Here is chapter 2 of NGNL! Chapter 3 just came out, and I'm waiting on the scans/TL from ER to proceed to the editing for it. Best girl finally appears this chapter, but she's not the focus this chapter. Though she is in chapter 3. So, yay. \o/

Special thanks to roankun for TLCing this chapter. It's April Fools Day but we're not doing anything because I'm not much of a troll, and I'd find it hard to top the Yamada-kun chapter released in Hawaiian slang.

Enjoy the release!

Mediafire | IRC: !ngnl2 | Read Online

The final RealPG chapter has been translated, also thanks to roankun. That'll be released this weekend sometime.


  1. Love the chapter. It seems interesting! Looking forward to more :D

  2. Thanks for the chapter! But best girl appeared on the previous chapter already!

  3. Love this story, especially the loli sister. Is there going to be anything going on with the sis and bro?

  4. When is the next chapter comin out?
    I'm really excited and waiting for it sorry to bug you :(