Sunday, May 12, 2013

Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge Cut 21

And chapter 21! I QCed this after finishing up SnO 70, since we've gotta wait for Knight to release that. For those looking forward to more Crime Edge in the future, we've got someone who'll be cleaning chapters 22-31, and someone else who'll be cleaning chapters 32+. Chapter 22 has already been cleaned and is being typeset.

I'm also attaching an updated version of chapter 20, not counting it as a v2 (since I just changed 3 bubbles), as after it was released, Boko remembered to tell me something about one of the terms used in the chapter that needed changing.

Enjoy the release!

Chapter 20 - Mediafire | IRC: !crime20 | Read Online
Chapter 21 - Mediafire | IRC: !crime21 | Read Online

The redraws for Hentai Ouji chapter 19 are almost complete. Just 3 pages left. In Bura 13 is being typeset. unc's back (again) for the time being, and has done some work this time around. Sorairo Square 9 has been translated, so that just needs to be cleaned. Also the Yuricam chapters will finally see the light of day once I get the chance to QC them.

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