Thursday, May 30, 2013

Juukinzoku Kanojo Chapter 8

This is another one of those series that just took way too long to get another release out. I was originally going to release the two Bonus Track chapters with this, until I realized recently that not only had the chapters not been typeset, but they didn't get their redraws either. So those are going to have to come a bit later.

We are looking for a translator for this series. roankun only finished up volume 1 for us, but we have no one to do the remaining two volumes, of which we have the HQ scans for.

This is a joint project with roankun.

Enjoy the release!

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There is likely only to be one, maybe two more releases during my break. One of them will be HotD 30. If there is a second release, it will be In Bura 14, but if that happens, is unknown. I asked about the redraws, and I was told two days, so I'm really hoping it is just two days.

There's several other chapters of things that are at QC, just need some redraws, or just a few missing pages and they can be released, but I've been suffering from some rather bad headaches these past two days and haven't been able to concentrate, and I still have the stuff to do for others.


  1. Thanks a lot for the release!! :D

  2. Thanks for the new chapter!

    It's a fun little series so I hope you're able to find a translator for the remaining volumes.

  3. But muh Crime Edge
    you said it'd be out soon
    though I can understand if you aren't feeling well.

  4. Thanks
    so this is last chapter of volume 1?

  5. translator huh?!
    i'm interested about it; lets give it a try!

    i do my best!

  6. This is too adorable, thanks for the release. I hope you find a translator for it. Question though, if and when you do, can you have them take a look at chapter 2, page 15 (after the kiss and knee to face)? I feel like this might have been mis-translated by the previous group, and might imply how far these two have gone in the physical aspect of their relationship. That, or I'm reading too much into what the MC is saying. Or it was translated properly, and she's just not letting him finish stating what they've done together, which I can totally see, haha.

    Anyways, thanks for the release, looking forward to more.