Thursday, May 23, 2013

Renzokusei Summer Update

Update time

Project Status Table
I can't say I was too keen on doing it, but the project status table has been removed. The main reason for this is that it's been getting farther and farther behind in its accuracy because of my job leaving me less time to do the updates, combined with the massive amount of chapters and series we do constantly changing in their status in progression. The only way the table will come back is if I, or someone else within the group somehow has the time to constantly update dozens of chapters over dozens of series.

Release Schedule Gadget
I'm going to provide a bit of more in-depth info on this table, since at the moment I'm the only one who really knows what goes where on it. Right now, it goes something like this;

Next to be Released - Anything listed under here has been translated, clean, and redrawn, or is typeset and at the Quality Check stage.
Upcoming Releases - Anything listed under here has at the very least been translated.
Being Worked On - Anything listed under here has had its editing started, but the translation is in progress or not done yet.
Waiting on Raws - Anything listed under here we do not have the scans for yet.

May 23rd - June 2nd
This is a 10 day period in which I am off from my job. What does that mean? I will be focusing on releasing as much as we can during those 10 days. How much we can get out then, and how fast I have no idea exactly, but it'll probably compare to our releases for the Christmas special last year.


The Planned
"Avatar", "Goshuushousama Ninomiya-kun", "Puchi Houndo" - These three projects have been removed from the list as planned projects for the time being.

"Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko. Nya!" - This is a spin-off that was in Comic Alive for a few months. I believe it only has 8 or 9 chapters (it ended). Since the translations are caught up on the main series, the translations on this are starting, although as it's a spin-off, it isn't going to be a really big priority, so unless we magically get an editor who flies through the series, releases will not be very frequent.

"Nyotai-ka" - This is a new planned pick up of ours. Since iMangaScans dropped it, we've had more than our fair share of requests to pick up the series. While I am personally not too into gender bender, much less gender bender where the MC is having sex while they are the opposite gender, it's got two volumes left and it's one of those rare series that are gender bender that I follow. We're only jumping on this now because someone I currently only know as Nolibrarium has been going around looking to grab the series, offering to do the editing, meeting my only requirement on picking up a new series. Work will start full time on this series after the final chapter of In Bura! is released.

"Sayabito - Sword of Destiny" - This series has been at the top of my "to pick-up" list for months now. Mainly because ER, and on occasion Aurega bugged the hell out of me for this series to be grabbed again, and after I read the two scanlated chapters, I was itching to do so as well. It will be a bit until we start on the series, but we have an RP for the series. The only thing with this series is that chapters will be a bit slower in their releases for a few reasons. Translating it will not be a walk in a park, not only because of its consistent very long chapter sizes (60+ pages per ch), but because it is Seinen (lacking Furigana). Editing will also take time to do as well.

The Upcoming Planned Projects
These are series that we will be looking at to pick up, outside of The Reader's Choice, if they do not win there, and if available when we finish/catch up on some more series.

"Akiba Romance" -
"Daisuki desu!! Mahou Tenshi Cosmos" -
"Enchanter" -
"Happy Negative Marriage" -
"Itoshi no Karin" -
"Kamisama Drop" -
"Kanojo no Kagi wo Akeru Houhou" -
"Mission School!" -
"Saito-kun wa Esper Rashii" -
"Tena on S String" -
"Yashiko Shodai Seitokai" -

The Ongoing
"Billionaire Girl" - I had people I could give this chapter to to translate, but I had no clue whether Animexis and Kanapox were still active given that there had been little to no activity from them recently. Then a few days ago, I get randomly contacted by Kanapox, so in a perfect storm of Kanapox and unc coming back around the same time, work has resumed on the series and chapters will be coming out again.

"Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge" - Thanks to two freelancers who offered to help in cleaning, progress on this series is going smoothly. Chapters 22 is currently at QC, and chapter 23 is being TSed. I'm really hoping we can catch up on this series at a fast rate now that we've got more help on it.

"H20 - Footprints in the Sand" - Chapter 6 is translated, but editing hasn't really started on the chapter. This is most likely one of the series that will see a release during my 10 day break.

"Harvest December" - Chapters 6 and 7 are translated, but like H2O before, editing hasn't really progressed. At the very least chapter 6 will be out during my 10 day break, but I'm hoping to get both out. After that though, we will be switching translators from roankun.

"Hatoko-san to Rabukome" - We're still looking for a permanent translator for this series, to take over from roankun. I never intended to have roankun be the permanent translator in the first place, I just wanted his help to start the scanlation of the series. Until we do get a new TL for the series, he will continue doing it, but not at a regular pace.

"Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko." - This is another series that has its work progressing quite smoothly of late. Chapters 19-21 are all translated, thanks to our new TL BJ-Bu. Chapter 19 is at QC, and will be released real soon. 20 has a single color page and a color spread that need redraws, but other than that the redraws are done and TSing will start soon. 21's editing hasn't started yet, but will this upcoming week.

"Highschool of the Dead" - Chapter 30 will be released during my 10 day break. No news yet on when chapter 31 will come out in Japan.

"Houkago Wind Orchestra" - Chapter 6 will be released during my 10 day break. After that finally gets released, roan will start TLing chapter 7 (if he hasn't already, he tends to do it and then not tell me), and editing will start as well.

"Hyouka" - This is one of a few series of ours that lacks a translator at all. I'm going to ask one of our translators to do it on an occasional basis, when necessary, but releases will likely be irregular for some time.

"In Bura!" - Chapter 14, the final chapter, still awaits its redraws. I'm having the TSing done ahead of the redraws' completion, that way once they are done all I have to do is move a few layers and then it can be released.

"Juukinzoku Kanojo" - Chapter 8 and the two bonus tracks (chapters) after that in the remainder of volume 1 will be released during my 10 day break. After that, we lack a permanent translator on the series. It's another series that I plan on having a translator step in on an occasional basis until we get a permanent one.

"Kigurumi" - Chapter 1 is TSed, and just awaits a few redraws and QC from jagman for release. This will most likely be released in the upcoming week. unc will be translating chapters 2+. Editing hasn't started on chapters 2+ as far as I know, but will once we release chapter 1.

"Mayo Chiki!" - Chapter 28 is translated, but it has a color spread, which is beyond my ability of redrawing, so I've handed it off to Josh from Okami. The b/w pages are mostly clean, and once they are, will be passed to a TSer to be done while the color pages are being worked on. After that, as far as I know, chapters 29+ are not translated.

"MM!" - roan's going to be translating this, but when it starts, I have no idea. It's more or less listed as ongoing because chapter 8 was cleaned some time ago.

"Mondaiji tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru soudesuyo?" - The color pages for chapter 1 are finally done, but I need to have the chapters recleaned. I was a bit overzealous with the cleaning action I ran on them, and they... don't look too great as is right now. I'll be fast tracking the chapters now that the color pages are all ready, though.

"Mushi to Medama to Teddy Bear" - Chapter 23 has received roan's QC. Will be released real soon. I don't know if 24+ have been translated yet.

"No Game No Life" - Chapter 3 has been TLed and TLCed for quite some time now, but editing never got too far on it. I contacted a Vietnamese group that had offered to help clean the series before, but given they know very little English, I don't quite understand their response. Either way, I'll be finishing up the cleans during this break, and passing it off to my TSers to do when ready.

"Nozomi x Kimio" - Scanlation is caught up on NxK currently. Chapter 10 has not come out in Japan yet. It will be released on May 25th in Japan, and we will get the magazine and scans for it sometime in the last week of the month.

"Oniichan dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne" - Now that we've released the chapters roan translated for us, future chapters will probably be irregular, but not quite infrequent given that most Onii Ai chapters are really, really short. Though we'll hit a snag at chapter 12 as it has a color spread, as well as redraws on a single color page.

"Ore to Ichino no Game Doukoukai Katsudou Nisshi" - roankun will be translating the remainder of this series, at the cost of no longer doing Harvest December. Luckily there are only 5 chapters left untranslated for that, so it can be finished pretty easily. There are 10 chapters left for this, plus a random extra after that

"Princess wa Mimodaeru" - This 3 chapter one-shot hasn't really been too much of a priority, and given that we're going to reclean the chapters, it'll probably be a bit until it gets released.

"Puppy Lovers" - Work has started on volume 2 of the series. Terra from Terrabane (Nana to Kaoru scanlator) and Manga-Heaven (original scanlator of Puppy Lovers) will be doing the cleaning/redrawing for us on this series. We'll also be borrowing his translator, shark0week0 for the series.

"Reideen" - The final 3 chapters are all TSed, I just need to give them my QC and release. I'm aiming to release them during the 10 day break.

"Saijou no Meii" - I've ordered volume 5 through Kinokuniya, and while we're working on volume 5, I'll order 6+ as well. While we do have scans that are relatively usable for chapter 35, that would be the final chapter we havec scans for that we can use, so I'd rather just use the same scans for the whole volume

"Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo" - I'll  be aiming to have chapter 6 released during the 10 day break, but I need to get it TLCed first. After that, chapter 8 is translated, and 7 will be translated after 6 is released. We have a translator for the series, so once we get over the hump that is chapter 6, it should be smooth sailing after that.

"Seishun Pop!" - Chapter 22 was translated by Emily a week or so ago, and unc's supposed to TLC it, though I don't know if he has yet. I have zero clue about the editing since that's all on FTH's side. I imagine Dyspathy will just randomly come to me one day saying it's ready and we'll release it.

"Seven Sisters!" - Chapter 6 will be released during the 10 day break. After that, not too sure on future chapters. The chapters are mostly rather short in size, but the series has this weird thing with redraws and making them annoyingly difficult, which is why 6 was delayed for so long.

"Sexual Hunter Riot" - Releases for this aren't really going to start popping up again until the translations for Yumekuri are caught up on, as Demo will be doing the series.

"Sora no Otoshimono" - Scanlation is caught up. Next chapter is released in Japan on June 26th.

"Sorairo Square." - Chapters 9 and 10 are now translated thanks to unc's return. Editing has started on 9, but the cleaning isn't being done by myself, so I don't quite now of it's progress. Regardless, releases will be coming for this series once again.

"Sore ga Kanojo no Seigi nara" - Work on the final 5 chapters has been... slow, to say the least. At least one chapter will be released during my 10 day break, but how quickly the 4 chapters after that get released depends on how much we're able to get done during those 10 days.

"Soutaisei Moteron" - Chapter 3 will be released during the 10 day break. Chapter 4 is translated, but editing hasn't started on that yet.

"Strike the Blood" - Not much has really happened as far as chapters 7+ go of late. ER's working on BWP right now, but as far as I know he'll TL the chapter after he gets that released.

"Tonari no Kashiwagi-san" - Scanlation is caught up on this series. Chapter 45 will be released in Japan on May 24th, and we will get raws the final week of the month.

"Yumekuri" - Work on this is going pretty fast, thanks to Demo very eagerly translating the series. At the very least chapter 4 will be released during the 10 day break, but I'll be trying to get 5 and possible 6 out as well.

"Yuricam - Yurika no Campus Life" - I have absolutely no idea still if we're doing this series. The only thing new that I've found out is that it's being cleaned by Daktyl198 of Orinjido Scans, but whether they will be doing the series from now on, or Dak is just cleaning it for us, I have no idea.

"Yuusha ni Narenakatta Ore wa Shibushibu Shuushoku o Ketsuishimashita." - ER was supposed to translate this for us starting from chapter 2, but he takes procrastination to the professional level, so I'm gonna give chapter 2 to someone else.


  1. YES! Finally going to see some movement on Happy Negative Marriage!!! After two years I was afraid no group was going to do anything with it. Also Puppy Lovers as well as Sore ga Kanojo no Seigi nara and MM? Sweet!

  2. No Kashiwagi 42 from you, then?

    1. No, we're going to do 42. As well as chapters 35-40.

    2. Have the other chapters from other groups, but was still waiting for 42 since you said you'd do this as well in the 43 release post. Will get the other release, then, thanks for the information.

  3. So no Seiken no Blacksmith?? :(

  4. Check CXC's release Schedule, The Sacred Blacksmith is there.

    1. 4 months waited for 8 pages... Those guys are really short in staff.

  5. Wow thanks a million for all the new projects, especially Happy Negative Marriage and Mission School!! :D