Sunday, May 26, 2013

Soutaisei Moteron Chapter 3

One of these days the series will get releases that aren't 2 months apart. Anyway, here's chapter 3 of Moteron! Chapter 4 is already translated, but hasn't been cleaned yet. I've started the cleaning, and hope to finish it during this break of mine. If I do, it'll get a release sometime next month assuming my TSers don't keep running into computer/life problems, lol.

P.S. we need another typesetter or two

Chapter was reuploaded due to two errors not caught in the original release which were fixed. So if you downloaded it after it was first released, I'd suggest redownlading.

Enjoy the release!

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Only one release today, as most of the early part of the day was spent finishing the cleans for Seigi nara 19 and some remaining pages in In Bura 7 v2 as well as on starting Yumekuri 5 and Hentai Ouji 21.

Those looking for more No Game No Life won't have to wait much longer. I awoke to a surprise this morning; the Vietnamese group who I couldn't understand what they had told me, sent me the cleans for most of the chapter. It's missing 3 pages (1 of which is a spread) that haven't been redrawn yet. It's odd that they sent me a partially clean chapter, but I started the TS, so once I get the rest of the pages, it'll be out quickly after.

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