Saturday, June 8, 2013

No Game No Life Game 03

It took considerably longer than I liked, but here is finally chapter 3 of NGNL! Chapter 4 came out at the end of last month after a one month break, but I can't say I have the slightest idea on when we'll be able to get it out. Due to my lack of time, I took up an offer from a Vietnamese group to do the cleaning/redrawing for us. I know nothing about their speed, so I can't really give any sort of estimate.

We are looking for new translator for No Game No Life. ER is going to continue doing it for the time being, but both he and I wish to get a new translator for the series.

Enjoy the release!

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My poor Stephanie ;_;

The other project of ours ER translates, Strike the Blood will have a release coming soon. Chapter 7 is translated and clean. Just needs a few redraws and TS. Nozomi x Kimio chapter 10 is all ready for TS sans the first color page. The rest is all completely clean and redrawn. The first page doesn't have any redraws, it's just not clean yet.


  1. Hi,thanks for the chapter.

    I just wanted to tell you something I noticed: In the chart for the rock-paper-scissors game on page 11 the "draw" and "lose" have been reversed. The black field on the upper right should have been the "lose" square and the 3 grey squares should be "draw".
    After all the girl only loses if she chooses "rock" and the main character really uses "paper"

  2. Thanks so much i really waited long for this T..T