Thursday, June 20, 2013

Nozomi x Kimio Chapter 10

After several months of hiatus, Nozomi is finally back! Thanks to Zack for the cleaning/redrawing of the chapter, Rain_441 for doing the color spread, and Demo for filling in and translating this chapter. Chapter 11 comes out next Wednesday, and should be released sooner given that there shouldn't be any color pages.

In a sorta not planned way, like our 1st and 100th releases, our 200th release is a borderline-h series. Also, woo, 200 releases. \o/

Enjoy the release!

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Strike the Blood 7 sometime this weekend. Hentai Ouji 20 coming as well, as the color pages have finally been completed. Demo will be filling in to translate Billionaire Girl chapter 7. Past that, we need a new translator, and I have no intention of asking Demo to fill in again, unless we somehow end up going months with no one on it again. Puppy Lovers 17 and 18 have been translated and cleaned, hoping to get those out this weekend too.

Our recruitment drive has been (somewhat) paying off. We have a new cleaner/typesetter and a new cleaner. The former, Jidan, was the typesetter for this chapter and has been plowing through TSing chapter after chapter, and will be the cleaner for Soutaisei Moteron. The latter, Sukarno will be cleaning Mayo Chiki! for us.


  1. Thanks a lot for the new chapter!! :)