Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sora no Otoshimono Chapter 72

Here's Otoshimono 72! Took longer than we liked, because myself, Knight, and Naselare all ran into things in real life that kept us away from really being able to work on it right away. Next chapter shouldn't take anywhere near as long unless someone that's working on the manga dies too or something. Because at the rate people are getting thrown out in the manga, it may just happen.

This is a joint project with MTO.

Enjoy the release!

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So, good news for those that read Sorairo Square. We will not be dropping the manga after the release of chapter 10. We have obtained volumes 2-4 ourselves, and Demo will be translating the remainder of the series. My travel day for work is tomorrow instead of Monday like normal, so only one release of Crime Edge coming this weekend, later tonight. I'll be starting the TS of Strike the Blood chapter 8 tomorrow, and hopefully finishing it Monday after work.


  1. just one chapter of Crime Edge ?
    " Chapters 24-27 have all been typeset, and just need my QC "

    you said that right ?????

    why are soo Cruel:(

    1. That's correct, they just need my QC. But QCing doesn't take a short amount of time. Especially when the chapters are not short in length. If I didn't have to leave out tomorrow, there would be more coming, but I am, so there won't be.

  2. Yay Sorairo Square :D
    Thanks for SnO btw :))