Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Strike the Blood Chapter 7

This has been stalled for quite some time now, so I figured I'd just go ahead and finish/release it. The delays were mostly due to Derek not being able to typeset the chapter, so please consider applying to help him out if you want to see faster releases. That probably goes for any other series he does that you may want faster releases on too but I don't really care about any of those so go ahead and apply!

This is a joint with Psylocke Scans (aka me)

Mediafire | IRC: !strike7 | Read Online

Okay, I can probably take some of the blame for the delay because I would have done this MUCH sooner if I had actually remembered that I could post here.


  1. Last post demo asked for Sora no otoshimono raw. i have one: http://www.4shared.com/rar/nCR0qpS8/Volume_14_ex_3_raw.html

    se if its ok for you.

  2. To say nothing of the fact that Derek actually did the redraws and you somehow missed that =|

    1. I was using the PSDs from my local drive and not the dropbox, so I did all the redraws myself. I checked the ones he did after the fact though, and he only did the two easiest ones anyway so I get to pretend I'm right \o/

  3. was crime edge dropped ???

    Next to be Released
    Crime Edge Ch. 24
    Crime Edge Ch. 25
    Crime Edge Ch. 26
    Crime Edge Ch. 27

    that' what i see but it's never released ???

  4. Derek just buy a new PC and restart the scanlations FFS...