Saturday, September 14, 2013

Nozomi x Kimio Chapters 12 & 13

Double release of Nozomi! A big thanks to Zack for doing the cleaning/redrawing of these two chapters. My original plan was to release Puppy Lovers next instead, but I got the cleans for Nozomi 13 today, so decided to push these out now instead, as it's been a bit since the last release.

Enjoy the releases!

Mediafire | IRC: !nxk12 | Read Online
Mediafire | IRC: !nxk13 | Read Online

Puppy Lovers 19-20 tomorrow. Will also be looking to push out Sorairo Square 9 then as well. The cleans have been completed for Sexual Hunter Riot 12, thanks to H_Dogma, so that will be out next weekend. Alongside SHR 12, Sorairo Square 9 will be out then if it doesn't make it tomorrow. I'll also be putting out Sore ga Kanojo no Seigi nara 19 finally then as well.