Friday, September 6, 2013


Haven't had an update post in a little while. Anyway... releases are going to be on the lower side for the rest of September, and most of October (if not all of it). I have no more off weeks or days the rest of my job's run, so free time is going to be considerably scarce for me for the next 7 to 8 weeks. I'm going to try and do and release what I can, but it most likely will not be much due to a general lack of staff and my lack of time.

Once the run ends in late October, releases will start flooding out. I plan on getting a large amount of our backlog out, and restarting several of our series while I'm off. Obviously, scanlation won't be the only thing I do then, but I will be devoting a good portion of time to it, as I know many readers, as well as myself don't like the irregular releases of most of our series.

I know it's still a little under 2 months away, but the light at the end of that tunnel is getting brighter.


  1. Demo note:

    I've been behind on my translations as of late, but by the time we hit October I will have mostly caught up with everything and will also have begun my scanning spree (assuming I can retain access to my scanner). I'll start with the Omaneki Are oneshot and the In Bura omake, followed by the rest of Sorairo Square.

  2. Doyou work on Yuusha ni Ch. 2 ?

    I can't wait it ! :D

    1. Sadly, that's not one of mine. I do Yumekuri, Nozomi, Yumekui Merry (with DKThias), Sorairo Square (beyond ch. 9), Itoshi no Karin, etc...

      ...and also OniiNyan with Jagman's crew.

    2. It's ok i can wait. Good luck !