Saturday, September 28, 2013

Yumekuri Chapter 9

Time to start rolling out Yumekuri chapters again. This chapter contains quite the chapter cover page in color. I slightly delayed this myself, as I wanted to get it completely redrawn so I could switch to the new credit page (damn my ocd), but it was starting to get too long since the last release, so I'm going to throw this out now. We can get that done later on.

Enjoy the release!

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This will be the only release this weekend. Today is my only day off, as I was working yesterday, and leave out again for work tomorrow. Next weekend is another short, 2 day weekend, and then after that is a longer 4 day weekend. All of our magazines won't arrive until Monday, so unfortunately we won't be able to start work as soon as I was hoping on Kashiwagi 49 and Nozomi 14.


  1. Thanks for the updates. Can't wait until the next Nozomi :)

  2. Why does this chapter art style seems different compared to the previous chapters?