Sunday, October 27, 2013

No Game No Life Chapter 5

It's been a bit since our last release of NGNL, but here is finally chapter 5! Chapter 6 is clean, but still has the redraws. It's also translated, so once I get the cleans from them, I will throw that out as soon as I can.

Enjoy the release!

Mediafire | IRC: !ngnl5 | Read Online

Most of our magazines will arrive tomorrow, except for, unfortunately, Manga Time Kirara Forward. Oddly enough. It should still arrive this week, but it hasn't shipped yet for some reason. Either way, work will be moving ahead full speed starting tomorrow.


  1. Thanks, Derek!!! Been waiting for this :D

  2. Thank you so much for this release!! This series is so addicting.. are there more than 6 chapters currently published?

  3. Wow this manga is so amazing, you are the best for picking it up!
    Keep up the good work ^^

  4. Genius Gamer Siscon & Brocon siblings come to save mankind from getting wiped out by elves.

    Cool story.

  5. this story is awe inspiring! please do more