Thursday, October 10, 2013

Yumekuri Chapters 11a & 11b

Here's the next chapters of Yumekuri! Chapter 11 is a two-part chapter just like 8 was, so it's being released together. Chapter 12 is too, but the two parts will probably be released separately for that one, as the chapters are normal sizes for the series, and the cleaning isn't done for either of those.

Enjoy the releases!

Chapter 11a - Mediafire | IRC: !yumekuri11a | Read Online
Chapter 11b - Mediafire | IRC: !yumekuri11b | Read Online

Sore ga Kanojo no Seigi nara 19 will be this weekend. But other than that, what else comes out depends on if the cleans for Nozomi x Kimio 14 are completed and how much of the redraws for Itoshi no Karin are completed. If neither Nozomi or Karin is ready, then Strike the Blood 11 will be released this weekend. But if they are ready, then those will be out instead, and StB will have to wait until next weekend.

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