Sunday, November 3, 2013

Itoshi no Karin Episodes 3-4

The redraws for this were just thrown up last night, so when I saw them, I went straight to TSing the two chapters. Chapter 5 is translated, and 5-7 are being cleaned, 7 being the latest chapter.

Enjoy the releases!

Episode 3 - Mediafire | IRC: !karin3 | Read Online
Episode 4 - Mediafire | IRC: !karin4 | Read Online

This took Crime Edge's place as the next release because there are some script issues that I need worked out. Chapter 30 is TSed, and both 30 and 31 will be released really soon. Soutaisei Moteron 4 will be the next release barring anything major popping up for us tomorrow. Also thanks to jag, Seigi nara will see releases sooner than I was anticipating.


  1. nice i like this new series

    is this weekly?

    and how far is it up to?

    1. I like this manga so now I can actually start donating soon since Kashiwagi and Karin are in the same magazine.

  2. Thank you for releasing such an awesome, cute and fluffy new manga! I am definitely looking forward to each release for this one! :D

  3. wooohooo thank you!

  4. Thanks for the new chapters, loving this series ( つ≧△≦)つ

  5. Thanks a ton for these chapters, I can't wait to read ch. 5-7 \(^▽^)/!!

  6. Yahoo, Double Release
    Thank you so much
    I love this manga

  7. Thanks for those chapters :)
    Seems like a really cute and fluffy manga :D

  8. Thanks for the double release!