Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Multiple Release

In honor of Psylocke Scans' 1st anniversary, we're releasing a bunch of manga as well!

As we've depleted a bunch of our backlog of cleaned and translated chapters with this release today, the next few days will likely not see any releases from us. A few things need to get TLCed, and I need to finish cleaning several things before we can start rolling out relases every day or two again.

Enjoy the releases!

Kigurumi Chapter 2 | Joint project with Psylocke Scans.
Mediafire | IRC: !kigurumi2 | Read Online

This series, for some time now, has had translator issues for us. Originally one person was going to do it, but that didn't happen. Then... some random translator we met several months back translated chapter 1. Since then, we haven't had anyone. Now, Demo will be finishing out the series, as it ends at chapter 5.

Saikin, Imouto no Yousu ga Chotto Okashii n da ga Chapter 8
Mediafire | IRC: !saikin8 | Read Online

This is the first new pick-up of ours during these next few months. I typeset a chapter of this for Japanzai some time ago, which is when I first found the series. It suffered from lack of translator there. Once I got confirmation they dropped it, we went for it right away. When we finish volume 2, we will be switching to HQ tank scans courtesy of Zack.

Itoshi no Karin Chapter 5
Mediafire | IRC: !karin5 | Read Online

Chapters 6-7 are both being worked on. Chapter 8 will be coming out within the next week in Japan, but we should catch up on this scanlation relatively soon as well.

Yumekuri Chapters 16-17
Mediafire | IRC: !yumekuri16 | Read Online
Mediafire | IRC: !yumekuri17 | Read Online

Scanlation is now caught up on Yumekuri. So glad we're finally there on it. Releases will now go to a month-to-month basis. Though, chapter 18 will come out next week if it's in the next issue of Comic Alive. It tends to skip issues on occasion.

Puppy Lovers Chapters 21-22
Mediafire | IRC: !puppy21 | Read Online
Mediafire | IRC: !puppy22 | Read Online

Don't really know anything about future chapters. As usual, once I know more, you guys will as well.


  1. Super awesome, thanks a lot for all the new releases!!!

  2. thnx for the new releases and thnx for picking up saikin imouto =D

  3. Thanks for both Itoshi no Karin and Puppy Lovers!

  4. You guys are the best. Thanks a million for the releases and for picking up saikin imouto!! :)

  5. congratulations on the anniversary! would that be alright to say?

  6. Yay!!! Thanks for the new chapters :)

  7. Thanks so much for all the releases and an extra big thanks for picking up Saikin Imouto.

  8. So, kigurumi ends already at 5 chapter???

  9. Ugh, looks like the length of newer Puppy Lovers chapters are getting shorter and shorter :( But thanks for this awesome massive release!

  10. Thanks for Itoshi no Karin. Favorite new manga in a long time !!!!