Monday, December 2, 2013

(」゜ロ゜)」 (this is a release)

We've been quiet since Mayo Chiki 31 was released, but that's not because we're not doing any work. In fact, we've been doing too much work, and I wish there was less of it. It just hasn't shown in releases because we haven't focused on any one particular series/chapter, and are just working on things en masse.

Though, do not fear. Our regular monthly releases of Sora no Otoshimono, Tonari no Kashiwagi-san, Nozomi x Kimio, and now Yumekuri, are continuing along as per usual. Sora no Otoshimono 75 will be the first to be released out of the 4 (probably). It's already translated. Half of it is typeset (the half of the cleans I have), and the redraws are being worked on. Kashiwagi, Nozomi, and Yumekuri all came with color pages in their latest chapters.

Anyway, I had hoped to get this out on my birthday (the 29th), but that plan fell down rather flat, due to the sheer amount of time I had to spend burning and redrawing this chapter. A thanks to jagman for helping out with the cleaning method for the series, since apparently these last few chapters Daioh decided to put as much noise as possible on all the pages. Aya's hair became a serious issue to deal with due to the poor printing quality of Daioh, and the effect used on her hair.

Enjoy the release, and Happy Holidays!

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Chapter 20 will be out sometime in the next few weeks. The final 4 chapters will have less burning to do, which will cut down on time. Not sure about redraws, though. The chapters are still 30~ pages long as well, so none of the chapters are something I can just sit down and finish in a few hours.

Aya's hair is the bane of my existence.


  1. Many thanks for the new chapter and keep up the good work ( つ^△^)つ

  2. I feel you, dude. Matsuri's hair is the bane of my existence as well D: Damn Daioh printing.

  3. Thanks a lot for the release!! :)

  4. Haps and thanks for the work ^-^

  5. Thanks !!

    PS : no game no life ch.6 is out (raw)

  6. happy late birthday!!!!

  7. Feel kinda bad asking this in a post where you complain about having too much work but with Highschool DxD being dropped by Japanzai, it was dropped a while ago but I only figured it out now, is there any chance you'd look into working on it later on?

    A few days later but, Happy birthday!