Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Yumekuri Chapter 18

Ok, so Yumekuri is the first of our monthly releases to be put out. Not too surprised, as this is Demo's baby. Another easy chapter to work with editing wise, so I figured might as well release it. Now the longer waits for Yumekuri begins. Yumekuri is a finicky manga in Comic Alive, in that it's not always in every issue. So, I can't exactly say with confidence that there will be a new Yumekuri every month. Though, whenever there are new chapters, we will be releasing it as soon as we can.

Enjoy the release!

Mediafire | IRC: !yumekuri18 | Read Online

Quite unfortunately, MangaUpdates got DMCA'd last night. So, for the time being, and most likely forever, the link directly to our site and forums has been removed from the site there, as well as every other scanlator's. Oddly enough, Twitter and Facebook links remained. We don't know who did it, but this is yet another sad day for scanlation and the people still doing it.


  1. The end of this chapter states that it'll be in the issue going on sale on the 27th, though.

  2. Sorry to hear that but then I don't use MangaUpdates. Some of the information is not always up to date or complete. Honestly, I go to aggregator sites and look for manga there and once I find a manga I like, I go to the scanlator site.

  3. Someone made a userscript which brings links back:

    Works great tho apparently new group links will need to be added manually. Tho even without direct links to sites on MU it's not that big a deal imo, literally all you need to do is copy the groups name and google it with the word "scans" added. Only 0.5 extra steps.