Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Mayo Chiki! Chapter 34

More Mayo Chiki! Only 4 more chapters to go. This chapter in particular was a surprise to me when I saw the raws, but a very welcome surprise. Chapter 35 ends on a rather surprising note as well.

Enjoy the release!

Joint with simhauu.

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Highschool DxD 28.5 is translated/clean/redrawn, just need to have Demo take a quick look at it, then it'll be out. Most of the Otoshimono 77 redraws are done, now we just gotta finish cleaning the over 120 pages. No Game No Life was once again absent from Comic Alive, making 4 months in a row now. Yumekuri is only 8 pages long, so that'll be another quick release. Kashiwagi was on the cover of MTKF again, and has 2 color pages and a color spread. Also, we did indeed find out that we were missing 9 pages from Crime Edge 30. We were given the pages by someone, and will be releasing a v2 of the chapter at some point.


  1. Thanks a lot for the new chapter!! :)

  2. thank you for this release and i hope to see soon the last few chapters of mayo chiki!^^

  3. Yay! Keep up the good work! ..and thanks for the chapter :)