Thursday, January 2, 2014

No Game No Life Game 06

Turns out that corner was a bit closer than I thought. Long overdue, but somehow still the latest chapter of the series, here is NGNL. The series skipped the last three issues of Comic Alive, making this chapter the latest. It's been announced that the anime will be airing during the upcoming Spring season, starting in April. They also released a PV, which can be found here: Unfortunately, this means the anime is going to very, very quickly surpass the manga.

Enjoy the release!

Mediafire | IRC: !ngnl6 | Read Online

Oddly enough, in the first volume of the manga, the chapters now have titles. At some point we'll go back and add them in, but for now we're not going to bother since they don't really mean much. Chapter 6 isn't in volume 1, so we don't know its title.

Now if only we could get Mayo Chiki out...


  1. wonder if we should be happy or sad huh? we get more of the story but we will be kept in suspense for 4 months

  2. what happened to Crime Edge ???

    seems like it was dropped