Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Something amazing just happened.

<Sukebe_Jiji_DMI> my name is [redacted] and I work for Digital Manga, Inc.
<Sukebe_Jiji_DMI> We licensed Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko


Normally those lines are a pretty solid cue for us to groan and get ready to say "okay we'll take it down" and get annoyed at publishing companies for being so damn legitimate. Or whatever the rest of the scanlators do; this is just my experience.

Well, it turns out [redacted] is a pretty swell dude, and Digital Manga Inc. is pretty cool too. Why?
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<Sukebe_Jiji_DMI> i'm not going to ask you guys to stop your scanlation efforts.
<Sukebe_Jiji_DMI> anyway, I just wanted to ask if it's cool if you can maybe put in another page asking people to purchase the book in your latest chapter releases

Well, we most certainly don't mind doing that, sir. In fact, after a glance through your series list on your site, I realize that DMI is clearly one of the better publishers out there--picking up quite a lot of series and not running them by awful editors/translators/marketers the way firms like Tokyopop did.

For those who are curious (you all should be), Digital Manga Inc. happens to serialize quite a number of series, old and new; Berserk, Trigun, Vampire Hunter for new ones, they even have Nyotai-ka! Plus...I'm sorry, what's that you say?

<Sukebe_Jiji_DMI> lol we're weird
<Sukebe_Jiji_DMI> we seriously look at what our fans recommend on twitter and email
<Sukebe_Jiji_DMI> if someone tells us, "check this out! license it!" we pass it around and al try and take the time to read it.
<Sukebe_Jiji_DMI> if we all like it, we just push it to the guy who does our licensing
<Sukebe_Jiji_DMI> he'll look it over from a contract/possibility standpoint and we go
<@Demo> you just scored another fan

That's right. They publish virtually anything they think is worth it.
My point?

To help the industry avoid collapsing on itself, we need to prove that it's worth putting money into--so buy the books! Scanlators and the traffic on sites like Batoto prove that the demand is there. If you like a series and it's being published in your country, please buy it! Henneko and several other great series are currently on DMI's publishing list. Wouldn't you love to have hard copies of your favorites?


Oh, and they have a lot of H stuff too, under the Project-H label. Remember Velvet Kiss, anyone? How about Yamatogawa's works? They publish that too.
(And ladies, there are epic amounts of yaoi-type stuff in there as well~)

We will note which series we know have publishers in America when we release them from now on.

To see DMI's sites for their work, click the following:
Project H


  1. I LUVED "Velvet Kiss" & some of Yamatogawa's stuff! Now I have a new label to look for Project-H by DMI. Thanks for the info.

  2. That's awesome! I would love them to license Nozoki Ana! Would buy it in a heart beat!!

  3. That is awesome, and they just made a fan out of me. But do they publish manga in print? You said "Wouldn't you love to have hard copies of your favorites?" but it's a tad confusing because they're called Digital Manga, Inc

    1. Yes, they do manga in print.

    2. Haha Digital Manga, Inc. is more like the parent company. and both release in-print copies. The website really is just a company landing page.

  4. DMI really could use a better site to filter stuff out. The amount of H content and yaoi content is astounding. Trying to find the regular series in there is tough. I got sticker shock too.

    1. I admit that the site isn't optimized for browsing titles. I also should note that virtually all otherwise-obscure titles, especially adult ones, are rather high-priced by default. There's not really any way to avoid that; you could order something on Fakku and have the price increased by a margin of 50-100% if you like.

    2. Links are now updated to take you to their actual merchandise sites, where you can find sales and whatnot. The previous link was basically the cover site for the corporation itself.

  5. Hey Digital Manga, I am waiting to give you money for Enchanter volumes 11-19.

    1. I can't promise much regarding Enchanter, but I'll poke around and ask what's up with volumes 11-19. With the shrinking of the anime market in the U.S. we've had to make tough decisions in the past and both postpone titles as well as let go of some really good staff. I know that before Project-H alot of what DMI is known for is our Yaoi and Boy's Love genre, so seeing us postpone Enchanter really hit me in the feels, especially considering it's such a good title and the mangaka is really a cool person.

    2. me as well i want the next vols of enchanter (11-19) hell i would buy them even for 100 dollars maybe even the double i just want to finish that manga it was so good

  6. Did the world just get tipped off it's axis?

  7. I don't even read this series but I'm legit going to start (starting by buying the legal volumes) just because of their awesome attitude. This is what publishers should do, see what series are the most popular, and ask that scanlation groups include a prominent page advising people where they can buy the legal product. You cannot stop scanlation, and trying only reduces the number eyes on that particular series.

    I can only find the first volume for sale, is that all they've done? (in Dec 2012, plans for anymore?)

    Also....more Absolute Monarch Syndrome when? I bought the first volume from them (I only found out about the series from scanlations) and by God I fucking love it.

    1. Edit: Anyone know DMI's tumblr? (or if they have a separate one for their adult non-yaoi titles) I can't seem to find one.

    2. Hentai Ouji v2 comes out Jun 25th, and v3 Oct 29th (both of this year). They don't have any other Absolute Monarch Syndrome or Enchanter volumes listed on their site, though.

      Their tumblr is here; but it seems to only be used to post synopsis of random manga they've released/are doing.

    3. Our Project H tumblr is listed here:

    4. Also, we're releasing more Absolute Monarch Syndrome but there's only one more volume because it went on Hiatus. .-. Such a good read too! We're trying to get titles out as fast as we can, but again, it's tough considering we're also looking at everything that gets recommended to us. But we're trying!

  8. Dear Digital Manga, Inc. I'm one of those manga fans and scanlation readers who don't reside in the States and does not have any local translation or English translation of ANY manga. So you not stopping scanlation is something I really really appreciate.

    That permission. Such awesome. Much appreciate.

    International Reader