Friday, February 28, 2014

Ikebukuro Hatsu, Zensekai Yuki! Chapter 10.5

New series time! We're taking this over from Kyakka because they're too busy to continue doing it fulltime. They'll be providing the raws for us, which saves us both money and time. The series itself is over, it ended at chapter 20, which means we have 11 chapters until its completion. Given that we're starting this series just as I started work again, I'm not sure how quickly we'll finish, but it won't be too long if we can get the translations done.

Yes, we released 10.5 before chapter 10, but like we did when we picked up Yumekuri, we're releasing this more as a notice to the readers that we've picked this up. Both chapters 10 and 11 are translated, with 10 being fully clean/redrawn, though I've gotta make some heavy changes to the script before we can release.

Enjoy the release!

Mediafire | IRC: !ikebukuro10.5 | Read Online

We found out that there are 2 hentai doujins of two of the girls from Ikebukuro done by the mangaka, so we'll probably look to do those as the first ever releases from RZK-H. Though no clue when that'll happen.

The redraws for Itoshi no Karin 9 are complete, so all that remains for chapters 9 and 10 is the translation and typeset. And the color spread for iShojo 1 has been started on, so hopefully that will be done soon a well.


  1. Thanks for picking up this series!

  2. Hentai doujins done by which mangaka? The one who draws the official series?

    1. ... Is he even allowed to do that...? I'm looking forward to it. :D

    2. He's not the only mangaka to do it. The NGNL mangaka did it too. Probably others as well, but those are the only two I know of since we do their works.

  3. any progress on crime edge ???

    why is it taking so long ???

    is it getting droped slowly ?

  4. Thanks for keep on picking up new series.. Prioritizing them first and ignoring old ones that will be done in a couple more chapters. Been seeing seigi Nara and other ones held back too many times. Idk I luv u guys but it almost seems like u guys r ignoring some mangas. I've seem groups who've stalled a whole year to put out a final end chapter. Plz don't be one of them.