Saturday, February 8, 2014

Juukinzoku Kanojo Bonus Tracks A-B

It's been some time since the last JKKJ release, but here are the two extra chapters from volume one. I wanted to bunch chapter 9 in with these, but chapter 9 has a really annoying spread and I didn't feel like delaying these anymore. Chapter 9 is translated, so once the redraws get done we'll release that too.

Enjoy the release!

Mediafire | IRC: !jkkjbta | Read Online
Mediafire | IRC: !jkkjbtb | Read Online

Mayo Chiki! Chapter 36 is all ready for release, just waiting on simhauu. Chapter 37 has been translated as well, and the redraws are already complete for that one, so once it's typeset and I get it, release will follow soon after. I'm really pushing for a release of Otoshimono 77 tomorrow, but whether that happens depends on whether or not Knight finishes the cleans, and if the last of the redraws are completed. Worst case scenario is a release on or before the 17th, but I can't see that happening.


  1. Thanks a lot for the new chapters!! :)

  2. Thanks for the double release!

  3. About how long for the itoshi no karin chapters?