Saturday, March 29, 2014

Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge Cut 30.5

An extra chapter from I think volume 5 of Crime Edge. We're going to end up back-tracking ourselves a little bit, as we'll be releasing a v2 of chapter 30 due to the missing pages. The releases are taking a bit of time because I need to get Demo to look over each script before I TS it, which creates an additional process I didn't want to have.

Enjoy the release!

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  1. I'm pretty sure that this is the chapter 24.5, I confirmed it in the author's blog
    The chapter 30.5 is the one in volume 6 about Ruka
    Even so, thank you for this chapter! Because you said you would be doing chapter 30.5, I wasn't sure if you would do this one..

    1. The chapter was listed as 30.5 by BokoLife, who translated directly from the volumes, so that's what I was going by. This chapter isn't present in the volume 4 scans I have, either, which ends at chapter 24.

    2. In the volumes, the extra chapters lose their numbers and are always placed in the end to not interrupt the story flow of the others.
      In volume 5, this chapter was placed after chapter 30, so the confusion.
      I don’t know why it didn’t came instead in the end of volume 4 to maintain the order, but confirming the magazine cover of the chapter 25 that you guys released (2011-10 issue) and the blog (, this chapter came in the issue just before (2011-09) making it chronologically the 24.5. In volume 6, the 30.5 also comes in the end of the volume after chapter 35.

      But looking at all this confusion, maybe the number really doesn't matter, and in the volumes this chapter is only read after the 30, so this way it gets placed just right in the online reader. What matters is that it was translated so thank you again :) and sorry for the fuss.. :s

  2. Thanks a lot for the new chapter!! :)