Sunday, March 16, 2014

Itoshi no Karin Episode 10

Have some more Karin. Chapter 11 is already translated, and the cleans were finished as I was TSing 10, but it's got some redraws left. I won't say 11 will be released today too, but that's my hope. Chapter 11 is the latest chapter, which means once we catch up we'll have to wait for the raws each month. Luckily chapter 12 will be out in a week (MTKF comes out on the 24th each month), but after that it'll be monthly waits.

Enjoy the release!

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The redraws for DanMachi 11 are complete. It only needs QC and then it can be released. Hopefully it'll be today. Also, we will be releasing two chapters of a manwha named Metal Heart. iMangaScans has dropped it, and gave us scripts and raws for chapters 39 and 40. Seigi nara 20 is fairly close to release. The burning is complete, and I'm working my way through the redraws. There's not many left but the spread is considerably annoying, so I don't know for sure when we'll get it out.