Saturday, May 24, 2014

Ane Golem One-Shot 1 + Itoshi no Karin Volume 1 Extras

Our first ever one-shot! Not the first time we wanted to do one, but this one was a given that we had to do, as it's done by Inco Horiizumi, the mangaka for Itoshi no Karin. This was her first work for Manga Time Kirara Forward, and it was included in the first volume of Karin. Later on, we found out that there's actually a second Ane Golem. Whether it's a sequel to this one, or an alternate version of it, we don't know, but we will be doing that one as well.

We've also got some extras for Karin that were included in the volume. It wasn't too much, 3 omake pages, and the first two actual color drawings of the series, one of which I put up as the cover image for the series on Batoto. Volume 2 will be released on June 12th, and like volume 1 before, we will be purchasing it, to look for any new extras/color.

Enjoy the release!

Ane Golem One-Shot 1
IRC: !anegolem1 | Read Online

Itoshi no Karin Volume 1 Extras
IRC: !karinv1ex | Read Online

Yumekuri 22 and Hentai Ouji 27-27.1 will be out this weekend. Hoping to throw out Yumekuri 8v2 with 22, but dunno if that'll happen or not.


  1. Bathing scene excite me so much... yeah Karin's image is so pure and innocent but something like bathing scene once a while is good too.