Monday, May 26, 2014

Yumekuri Chapters 8v2 & 22

More Yumekuri! Chapter 22 is the latest chapter for 2 more days, assuming that it's in the next issue of CA. We're also releasing a v2 of chapter 8, because upon purchasing the first volume to look for extras, we found they combined chapters 8a and 8b together, and added 10 completely brand new pages to the end of the chapter, making it a total of 40 pages. We're counting it as a v2 because we completely recleaned the chapter using our current method for the series, made some script changes, and fixed the typesetting.

Enjoy the releases!

IRC downloads back up.

Yumekuri Chapter 8v2
IRC: !yumekuri8 | Read Online

Yumekuri Chapter 22
IRC: !yumekuri22 | Read Online

Plan is to get Hentai Ouji 27-27.1 out later today but not 100% sure if that'll happen as I still have to clean most of 27.