Sunday, June 29, 2014

Puppy Lovers Chapters 23-24

Been quite some time since the last Puppy Lovers release. The main issue we ran into was that the person we were working with on the series seemed to just stop talking to us. Despite countless attempts to contact him, we were never able to get a response. So after a while I gave up, and threw the series at Demo to translate, and Takuo to clean. So thanks to them for that. Not sure when we'll get 25+ out since these were done just to get them out after such a long period.

Enjoy the releases!

IRC: !puppy23 | Read Online
IRC: !puppy24 | Read Online


  1. Thanks for the new chapters!

  2. Thank you very much! <3

  3. Thanks a lot for the new chapters!! :)

  4. Thanx so much and special thanx for Demo and Takuo for their hard work.

  5. THANK you and please dont leave this project =/ its the best :D