Friday, September 12, 2014

Ane Golem One-Shot End

IRC: !anegolem2 | Read Online

Here is the second and final part to the one-shot Ane Golem by Itoshi no Karin mangaka, Horiizumi Inco. In addition to this other Horiizumi manga, we will be looking to do a few other random anthology chapters that she's done when we get the chance, purely because they are done by her.

The second part to this one-shot wasn't included in volume 2. I only found out about it because I had noticed that the name was listed twice on one of her pages, and looked at back issues of the magazine to find it had a second part.

Also, a specific special thanks to the person who donated to us yesterday, was a major help to keep costs out of my own pocket, which also helped me majorly because I'm really close to buying my new laptop.


  1. Thanks for the chapter... I wish you guys had a direct download, but beggars cant complain... I tried irc once it totally baffles me... Thanks for translating manga for us!!

    1. Not to worry. Here's the steps for DLing in our channel:

      1-Open your IRC client. I use mIRC.
      2-When it brings up a list of servers (it should automatically), select IRCHighway. Choose any nick you want, but if it's taken by someone else, NickServ will tell you to change. Type "/nick *your nick choice*" to change.
      3-type "/join #renzokusei"
      4-in the #renzokusei window, type the trigger mentioned in the release post. For this one, you'd type "!anegolem2" (all triggers are preceded by !)
      5-accept the download request send to you from Ulmaevia.
      mIRC usually defaults to a downloads folder created in "my documents" or "downloads" if you're on Windows Vista or later.

    2. Yaaaaa!! it works for me... Thank you. I actually used IceChat because I saw that mIRC had to be paid for after the trial.

  2. that's it, only 2 chap......

  3. those endings =|
    thnx for the release

  4. What the heck! That was the end of a one shot or a start of a new series, if so I would like to read it. So thanks for scanlating it for us. So good.