Saturday, November 22, 2014

Amagoi Chapter 14

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Another older series by us, here is Amagoi chapter 14. While it's not our most read series we continue to persevere with it. Unlike previous times, we're not releasing a single chapter then not again for several months. Chapter 15 is translated, and 16 will soon follow. I hope to finish vol3, if not the entire series this offseason, but that will depend like usual, on the redraws and TL. Mostly redraws, as they tend to get a bit more annoying in chapters 15+.

We're picking up a new series in an older but still favorite manga, Nyan Koi!. Chapter 34 is the latest, and we'll be releasing that soon enough. It's already clean and mostly redrawn, gonna finish the redraws once it's translated, which vhirx will be doing after Amagoi 16. Shomin Sample 20 is awaiting the finalized script from Demo, which is the last step as all the editing is done.

Also, for those who haven't noticed yet, I've been slowly working my way through reuploading all of our older releases to MEGA. At the moment I'd say about 33% of our older releases are uploaded, and their links are on each of their pages. My internet is really bad, so it's not something I can do really quickly unfortunately. Regardless, everything will be uploaded soon enough, and I'll make a post once it is. In the process, I've been updating project pages that I've neglected due to lack of time as well.

Been getting a little behind on scanlation work thanks to playing through Pokemon Omega Ruby, but I beat it a bit ago so back to business as usual.