Monday, November 10, 2014

Aquarium Chapters 1 & 2

MEGA | IRC: !aquarium1 | Read Online
MEGA | IRC: !aquarium2 | Read Online

So this is a new series, but it's also our first ever 4-koma. We generally shy away from them, but this is a previous work of Yumekuri mangaka, Hiro. As we're both fans of Hiro's art and just Yumekuri, we decided to pick it up given it's a short 2 volume series, and 4-komas are generally easy to do, anyway.

Work continues on the majority of our series, with quite a handful approaching release ready, just mostly needing redraws to be completed to get released.


  1. oooh i loved yumekuri thanks for the new series

  2. Thanks a lot for the new series!! :)