Friday, November 14, 2014

DanMachi Step 17

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Joint with Norway Scan.

And here's DanMachi 17! We're following a pretty odd schedule in one release a month, apparently... While not bad, it's not what I'd like. Anyway, the next 3 chapters will be hurdles, with 20 being the highest (2 color pages and a spread), as all 3 of them contain color page(s). As long as we can get those redrawn without a problem, then the rest will follow pretty quickly. Though like the rest of our series, we lack redrawers, so without any for the series, we're depending on others who have other things to do, so it's not too high priority for them.

As of this release post, we need experienced proofreaders (some Japanese knowledge would be good), for both DanMachi and Shomin Sample, and redrawers for DanMachi. For the time being I'm more or less relying on my translators to be PRs for these two, and as long as I have to do that, it will slow releases down, as they're working on other things. This was ready to be typeset and released yesterday, but I had to wait for Demo to get off of work to get the script fixed.

Puppy Lovers 25-26 have been translated. Release will be in the next week or so. The remainder of volume 2 should be translated soon as well. Ninkoi 1 has been translated and cleaning is progressing. Though redraws look like they are going to take a considerable amount of time to get completed. Shomin Sample is typeset up to chapter 23. 20 redraws are in progress, 21 are mostly done, and 22 are done. Up to 25 is clean, as well as 31-32, and up to 29 is translated. Nozo x Kimi 2 (21) is translated and partially clean/typeset.

I'll be at a convention tomorrow (Hama Mini-con), so there won't be any releases tomorrow, but Aquarium 3-4 will most likely be released on Sunday. Zetsurin 2-3 and Kigurumi 4-5 (end) will see releases in the upcoming week as well.


  1. Wow! Thanks for the fast release of Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon.
    Sorry to hear about the lack of staff but I hope they will be filled soon.
    Keep up the awesome work one of my favorite series right here.

  2. Thank's alot for the chapter but why one chapter each month it's kills me pretty hard X_X

    1. "Work faster, slaves!"
      That's how I read that comment.

      Derek regularly mentions that skilled help can often be scarce for our projects and we do have lives to lead beyond that. Furthermore, scanlation is little more than a hobby by definition. If you're expecting professional speed, you're looking in the wrong place. Step up and edit this shit with us if you want it faster. Then we can talk about what "kills you pretty hard."

    2. Unless you meant the magazine release frequency, which is a complaint many of us would share if it weren't so inconsiderate to the artists and writers who produce the original content.

  3. Thanks for the chapter :)

  4. Thanks for the chapter, now, give ME MMOOORRREEE!!! Fulfill your worthless lives by making such good translations and by giving it to the greatest dicks of internet, such as me! :)

    1. In other words
      "Work faster, slaves!"